Charlotte Clamens

Charlotte studied for three years at the renowned school of Chaillot, under Antoine Vitez. Immediately after, she starts performing in pieces by Marcel Bozonnet, Alain Franco, Tilly, Laurent Pelly, Yann-Joël Colin, Lambert Wilson, Simon Abkarian, Jean François Sivadier, Robert Cantarelle, Pierre Huygues and - most recently - Christoph Marthaler. In 2008 she played Festival d'Avignon as part of the collective Partage de midi, alongside J.F. Sivadier, Valérie Dréville, Nicolas Bouchaud and Gaël Baron. She is also active within the cinema world, with roles in films by Tilly, Solveig Anspach, Philippe Garrel, Pierre Trividic & Patrick Mario Bernard, Brice Cauvin, Philippe Loret and Christian Vincent, as well as a number of appearances in television films. Charlotte is also active as a pedagogue, teaching at institutions such as ERAC, EPSAD (Lille), TNT (Toulouse), La Manufacture in Lausanne and Conservatoire Royal de Liège. In 2014, Charlotte works a first time with Gabriela Carrizo for a short residency project - which ended in a one-off showing - in the framework of the Venice Biennale. Moeder is the first full blown Peeping Tom production Charlotte can be seen in.