Kind (Child) (2019) is the third part of a family trilogy that started in 2014 with Vader – directed by Franck Chartier – followed by Moeder (Mother) (2016) by Gabriela Carrizo. For Kind (Child), they both take up the role of director. The creation period for Kind is planned between autumn 2018 and spring 2019, with the world premiere in April 2019.

The basis for Kind is the perspective of the child and children’s internal and external world. Every action is driven by how children see the world, by their fears and desires. The choreographers investigate how a child’s perspective changes as it grows and develops itself on its way to adolescence and adulthood, with all the associated choices, pressures, fears, doubts and physical changes, and how this translates into gestures and body language.

At the same time, Carrizo and Chartier look at how children express fears due to a lack of (parental) framework to hold on to. What happens in traumatic situations, in which the perceptions of the body are seemingly anaesthetized? How do children handle their quest for truth? And how do they organize their world through fantasy, role playing or imitations, to master certain situations or dynamics? The shifts and transformations in space and time – typical of the work of Peeping Tom – will also be prominently present in Kind.

Concept and direction: Gabriela Carrizo and Franck Chartier
Creation and performance: Eurudike De Beul, Maria Carolina Vieira, Marie Gyselbrecht, Brandon Lagaert, Hun-Mok Jung, Yi-Chun Liu
Artistic assistance: Lulu Tikovsky
Sound composition and arrangements: Raphaëlle Latini, Hjorvar Rognvaldsson, Renaud crols, Annalena Frölich, Fhun Gao, Peeping Tom
Sound mixing: Yannick Willockx, Peeping Tom
Light design: Amber Vandenhoeck, Sinan Poffyn (intern), Peeping Tom
Costumes: Lulu Tikovsky, Yi-chun Liu, Nina Lopez Le Galliard (intern), Peeping Tom
Set design: Justine Bougerol, Peeping Tom
Construction set: KVS-atelier, Flora Facto, Peeping Tom
Props: Nina Lopez Le Galliard (intern), Silvio Palomo (intern)
Technical direction: Filip Timmerman
Light engineer: Hadrien Lefaure
Sound engineer: Hjorvar Rognvaldsson

Production: Peeping Tom
Production partners: KVS - Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg (Brussels), Teatre Nacional de Catalunya/Grec Festival de Barcelona, Theater im Pfalzbau (Ludwigshafen)
Co-production: Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg, deSingel (Antwerp), Maison de la Culture de Bourges, Festival Aperto/Fondazione I Teatri (Reggio Emilia), La Rose des Vents (Villeneuve d'Ascq), Théâtre de Caen, Théâtre de la Ville Paris/Maison des Arts de Créteil (Paris), Gessnerallee Zurich, Julidans Amsterdam, La Bâtie - Festival de Genève, Le Manège (Maubeuge)

Sales: Frans Brood Productions
Kind is being created with the support of the Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government

Peeping Tom wishes to thank Heloïse da Costa, Theater FroeFroe, Institut del Teatre, Jan Daems, Leen Mertens, Uma Victoria Chartier, Ina Peeters and all extras: Farners, Eva, Elmo, Vera, Roger, Raisa, Mercè, Xefo, Amadeo, Rita, Gloria, Ariadne, Jonah, Sille, Leandro, Flo, Grace, Luke, Lucie, Cyril, Jill, Jan, An, Octavia, Germaine

"The choreography is inventive and mixes different universes, from futurist to primitive. […] All the ingredients are there for a unique and surpising moment."
Toute la Culture 03.02.2020 (in French)

"Peeping Tom […] surprises us once more, by their inventions. Not to miss."
Théâtre du Blog 02.02.2020 (in French)

"This landscape of the untamed imagination may be about childhood, but Child is not a children’s show. You’ll leave wanting to treat children not just with care, but with caution." **** (4 stars)
The Guardian 23.01.2020

"Child is full of queasy moments. Its means are bizarrely bold but the emotional pathology portrayed is all too real." **** (4 stars)
The Stage 23.01.2020

"What unfolds, with unabashed and sometimes crass-seeming dream logic, is an unpredictable series of darkly comic encounters between people robustly embodied by the game, diversely talented cast." *** (3 stars)
The Times 23.01.2020

"Peeping Tom’s stage world is insightful as well as strange." *** (3 stars)
The Independent 23.01.2020

"[Their shows] dig the furrow of our unconscious, in a seductive, hyper-spectacular form. Their living pictures take us through a forest of symbols, populated by virtuoso dancers. High class!"
RTBF 25.10.2019 (in French)

"You recognise in this piece the surrealist signature of the company, but because of its psychological quality it rises above the previous parts [of the trilogy]."
Pzazz 17.10.2019 (in Dutch)

"[…] Worried tourists, a threatening gamekeeper, a baby fir tree calling for attention, masked creatures: you seem to be with Lynch, Buñuel or Burton"
La Libre Belgique 16.10.2019 (in French)

"The realistic environment is transformed into a series of strange and surrealistic images, with figures in a hostile atmosphere. At the same time, it also shows the real joy of theatre, because it shows things that have never been seen and is an emotional experience, like a dream."
La Repubblica 02.10.2019 (in Italian)

"A must-see performance for lovers of divergent art."
En Platea 13.07.2019 (in Spanish)

"Kind is a highlight of Julidans. […] What Chartier and Carrizo emphasize here with diabolic pleasure, is that in addition to playful imagination in the child’s soul, there is also aggression, jealousy and cruelty." **** (4 stars)
NRC 07.07.2019 (in Dutch)

"The true Picasso of ballet are Franck Chartier and Gabriela Carrizo."
Cultureel Persbureau 04.07.2019 (in Dutch)

"Kind is as discomforting as it is bewitching to behold."
Movement Exposed 04.07.2019

"The work has a plasticity that leaves no one indifferent, with very measured characters, built on myths or on monsters and with an almost cinematographic soundtrack."
ABC Sevilla 18.05.2019 (in Spanish)

"An evil ‘Alice in the land of horrors’."
Diario de Sevilla 18.05.2019 (in Spanish)

"A dream in which you can easily feel disorientated, or rather a nightmare that could also have come from a perverse Haneke, Lanthimos or Ulrich Seidl."
Diario de Mallorca 14.05.2019 (in Spanish)

"[...] Groundbreaking aesthetic and dance quality that takes your breath away. The globally acclaimed and distinguished troupe offers a highly intelligent work of art that goes far beyond genre boundaries."
Volksfreund 28.04.2019 (in German)

"Peeping Tom has developed a unique formal vocabulary. [...] They push absurd and cruel humor to surrealism, exposing our worst nightmares and unfulfilled desires."
Lëtzebuerger Land 26.04.2019 (in French)

"[Kind is] unexpected, funny and disturbing, sometimes to the point of discomfort. It is a success."
Luxemburger Wort 25.04.2019 (in French)


23-26 Apr 2020 Teatros del Canal Madrid (ES)
29-30 Apr 2020 Scène Nationale d'Albi Albi (FR)
07-08 May 2020 Festival 10 Sentidos Valencia (ES)
12 May 2020 Le Manège Maubeuge (FR)
19 May 2020 Internationale Maifestspiele Wiesbaden (DE)
05-06 Jun 2020 Vooruit Gent (BE)
26-27 Jun 2020 World Theater Festival Zagreb (HR)



23-24 Apr 2019 Les Théâtres de la ville de Luxembourg Luxembourg (LU)
02-03 May 2019 Maison de la Culture de Bourges Bourges (FR)
11 May 2019 Teatre Principal Palma de Mallorca (ES)
17-18 May 2019 Teatro Central Sevilla (ES)
22-24 May 2019 La Rose des Vents Villeneuve d'Ascq (FR)
12-14 Jun 2019 ThéâtredelaCité Toulouse (FR)
03 Jul 2019 Julidans Amsterdam (NL)
05-07 Jul 2019 Schauspiel Köln Cologne (DE)
11-12 Jul 2019 TNC/Grec Festival de Barcelona Barcelona (ES)
25-26 Aug 2019 Waves Festival Vordingborg (DK)
01 Sep 2019 Tanztheater International Hannover (DE)
13-14 Sep 2019 Festival La Bâtie Genève (CH)
20-21 Sep 2019 One Dance Week Plovdiv (BG)
27-28 Sep 2019 Festival Aperto/Fondazione I Teatri Reggio Emilia (IT)
01 Oct 2019 Torinodanza Torino (IT)
17-19 Oct 2019 KVS - Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg Brussel (BE)
23-25 Oct 2019 KVS - Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg Brussel (BE)
31 Oct 2019 Cultuurcentrum Brugge (BE)
07-08 Nov 2019 Gessnerallee Zurich (CH)
04-05 Dec 2019 CDN Orléans Orléans (FR)
11-12 Dec 2019 Théâtre de Caen Caen (FR)


14 Jan 2020 Le Bâteau Feu Dunkerque (FR)
16 Jan 2020 Stadsschouwburg Kortrijk Kortrijk (BE)
22-25 Jan 2020 London International Mime Festival London (UK)
29-31 Jan 2020 Théâtre de la Ville/MAC Créteil Paris (FR)
05-06 Feb 2020 Théâtre de Lorient Lorient (FR)