Artist in Residence KMSKA

Between 2017 and 2021, Peeping Tom is one of the Artists in Residence at the Royal Museum for Fine Arts (KMSKA) in Antwerp. Invited by the director of the museum, Manfred Sellink, Peeping Tom will work with the collection of the museum.

A total of 20 artists from different backgrounds have been invited to dialogue with the museum. This consists of young makers and established artists with a big drive and the necessary wanderlust. Apart from Peeping Tom, some of the artists include Voetvolk (Lisbeth Gruwez), Iris Bouche, Admiral Freebee, Bernard Dewulf and Tutti Fratelli.

The KMSKA is currently undergoing renovation works and will reopen in 2019. With the renewed building, the museum intends to tell a renewed story, in which the Artists in Residence play an important role.

Find here more information and the full list of Artists in Residence

Photo: © Jesse Willems