Kunstendag voor Kinderen

Kunstendag voor Kinderen (Day of Arts for Children) is a unique event organised by the Flemish Authorities during which children can experience a variety of cultural activities from different disciplines. Hundreds of dance and theatre companies, museums and other cultural institutions open their doors specifically for children.

In 2015, children between 9 and 12 years old could discover the language of movement and the universe of Peeping Tom. Choreographer Franck Chartier and dancer Brandon Lagaert organised a dance workshop which centered around how children see the world of adults. Every action was also driven by their fears and dreams. It was also a first preparation for Kind, the third and final part of a family trilogy that Peeping Tom is currently working on. In addition, this workshop was organised in collaboration with choreographer Seppe Baeyens from the Brussels’ dance company Ultima Vez and was also visited by the Flemish Minister of Culture Sven Gatz.

Peeping Tom invited children once again in 2017 into their peculiar world, in which dance, theatre and music are combined in a unique way. During a workshop with choreographer Franck Chartier and dancer Brandon Lagaert, the children got the opportunity to experiment with movements, body language, dance and sound. The bilingual workshop took place at the Royal Flemish Theatre (KVS) in Brussels.

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