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Hun-Mok Jung

Hun-Mok (°1978, Soon-Cheon, KR) joined Peeping Tom in 2008. Kind is his fifth production with the company, following 32 rue Vandenbranden, A Louer, Vader and Moeder. He graduated from the Dance Department of Dankook University, and in 2001 he earned a Performance Producer degree from the Seoul School of Perfoming Arts. A year later, his solo piece A Whistle was awarded first prize in the young choreographers category at MODAFE, and he himself has twice won the Best Dancer award at the Ulsan Dance Festival. He completed a Master’s degree at Dankook University in 2004, and founded the dance and theatre group JU MOK that same year.

In 2007, his duet/performance piece Ring Wanderung won the Best Choreography and Writing award from Dance & People Magazine, and the Arts Council Korea mentioned Hun-Mok as a rising choreographer. In 2009, the JU MOK production An Unconvenient Truth was included in the MODAFE programme. His other works include Fragile
Swallow, Wanted, Monster and Jean Mark. He worked as assistant choreographer on the film GOGO 70 and, since 2004, he has taught at Dankook University, Suncheon University and Chungnam Arts High School.

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