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Yi-chun Liu

Yi-chun (°1985, Taichung, TW) joined Peeping Tom in 2013 for Vader. She continued to work on the family trilogy with Moeder (2016) and also performs in Kind (2019). At the age of 5, she began with Kung-fu and basic Chinese opera training, and went on to study ballet, contemporary dance, improvisation, Martial Arts and Tai-Chi-Dao-In. In 2007, she graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts.

Apart from Peeping Tom, she has worked or is currently working with Anouk van Dijk (NL), Shang-chi Sun (DE/TW), Ann Van den Broek (BE), Scapino Ballet Rotterdam (NL), Paul Selwyn Norton (NL/AU), Balletto Teatro di Torino (IT) and Cloud Gate Dance Theater 1 (TW). She worked as artistic assistant with Franck Chartier on the award-winning Peeping Tom co- production The lost room (2015) and later on The hidden floor (2017). Her solo piece O premiered in Rotterdam in 2012 and has since evolved into a duet, performing in Amsterdam and The Hague. She is working on her alphabetical series in discussion to the concept “Act of Performance”.

Yi-chun is also a certified Countertechnique teacher since 2012, which helped her to develop a versatile career as a performer and researcher. She offers laboratorial workshops alongside Peeping Tom tours.