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Yi-chun Liu

Yi-Chun Liu (°1985, Taichung, Taiwan) started dancing at 5 years old and graduated from the prestigious College of Dance of Taipei National University of the Arts in 2007. She has received a versatile training, including classical Western dance such as ballet, modern and contemporary dance techniques, as well as Eastern classical dance like Chinese opera and Kung-fu martial arts. Her current practice is centered around Tai-chi Dai-in and Countertechnique but also uses urban dance, mime and physical theatre. For over thirty years, Yi-Chun has developed an acute awareness of her body and its relationship to space and time, allowing her to fully explore her transformative movement quality.

In 2007, she made the duet “Disappear” with Sih-wei Lou, upon invitation by the Taipei National Theater, and joined Cloud Gate Dance Theater of Taiwan. She subsequently traveled to Europe and danced with Anouk van Dijk, Felix Landerer, Shang-Chi Sun, Ann Van den Broek, and Scapino Ballet, amongst others.

In 2013, Yi-Chun joined Peeping Tom as a dancer and performer. She has remained with the company, primarily as a co-creator and dancer, but also in diverse functions such as artistic assistant and costume. She has been a part of Vader (2014), Moeder (2016), Kind (2019), The Missing Door (2013), The Lost Room (2015), The Hidden Floor (2017), Triptych (2020), Dido & Aneas (2020), La Visita (2021,2022), and S 62° 58’, W 60° 39’ (2023).

In 2022, she began a collaboration with mezzo-soprano Eurudike de Beul on an intimate project BATH. The project is a reaction towards the sentiment of death, which came to us all so profoundly during the Covid pandemic. It is a socially oriented and participative project that seeks for spiritual connection and aims to sooth peoples’ solitude. The project is supported by Theater Walpurgis in Belgium and National Culture and Arts Foundation in Taiwan.

Yi-Chun will present her new creation ‘Close to you (and think of the song)’, a collaboration with Theater Gießen, Germany, on 4 May 2024.