Amber Vandenhoeck

Amber Vandenhoeck studied In Situ Arts and Scenography at the Royal Academy of Antwerp. In 2009 she joined PeepingTom Dance Company from Brussels as a technician but soon started designing the scenography of their new performances. She designed the sets for world touring pieces ‘A Louer’ (For Rent), ‘Vader’ (Father), ‘Moeder’ (Mother). She remains active with the company up till today, creating works with Gabriela Carrizo like The Land for Residence Theater Munchen, La Ruta for NDT and La Visita coproduced by the Fondazione Maramotti, winning the Fedora Prize for Dance. Collaborations with other directors and companies have followed within the different fields of dance, performance theater and music theater. 

In 2017 she created with David Marton ‘On the Road’ for The Muncher Kammerspiele. 

She has ongoing collaborations with Karin Beier (Schauspielhaus Hamburg), KOR’SIA Dance company (Madrid), Béatrice Lachaussee (Paris), Julien Chavaz (Magdeburg), Tomoko Mukaiyama (Tokyo), Lost Dog Dance (UK), Marcos Darbyshire, Post uit Hessdalen, Kyoko Scholiers…

Her works is both graphical and architectural inspired with an emphasis on surreal and hyperrealistic spaces.