Raphaëlle Latini

Born in Caen in 1971, Raphaëlle Latini has practiced dance regularly since her early childhood (classical and contemporary).

Multidisciplinary artist, graphic designer, scenographer, choreographer, graduate of the Beaux-Arts of Caen: the body and its movement are often found at the center of her research.

In 2003 she rebuilt her daily life around another passion: sound, intimate, regenerating and therefore vital, and created the character of Madame Twill, established her graphic and sound identity and mixed in Parisian club bars (O.P.A, Pulp, Barourcq, Wild Cabaret…). Her different approach to the decks takes her to bars, national choreographic centers and contemporary dance workshops.

It is quite natural that she refocuses her work towards live performance, whether in music with Vincent Dupont in Incantus, Plan, Souffles and Refuge, in scenography for Borges vs Goya with the Akté company, or by founding the group ENTORSE in 2007 that she inaugurates with Love Affair, green girl (radio theater), or the Morceau performance with chocolate vinyls.

Initially thought of as a collective, Entorse collaborates with different artists (choreographers, actors, lighting designers, musicians, scenographers, researchers, etc.) to create shows, performances, installations which mix these different media with a requirement that pushes them to explore all possible interactions. The specificity of the company’s project is not so much the formalist search for a choreographic signature effect, but rather the desire for permanent resonance of this transdisciplinary approach. Within this approach she will begin a wonderful collaboration with Samuel Lefeuvre in Accidens (what happens), [àut], Haute resilience and Hantologie. Since 2015, she has assumed sole artistic direction and created CORPS DISCIPLINAIRE then Bold!. At the same time, she created the soundtracks for Neige for Michèle Anne De Mey/Charleroi danses, collaborated with Mohamed El Khatib and since 2011 with Peeping Tom in À Louer then the trilogy Vader, Moeder, Kind and in The Land for the Residenz theater as well as The Missing Door, The Lost Room, The Hidden Floor and la Ruta in collaboration with Nederlands Dans Theater. In 2020 she reunited with Samuel Lefeuvre and his collaborator Flor Demestri by creating Glitch and 3rd nature. In 2021 she signed the sound design of Datadream from and by Steven Michel then that of the Dido & Aeneas Opera with the director Franck Chartier/PeepingTom.