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La Ruta 2022 / Collaboration

“It’s very difficult to organise a dream, because when you organise it, you wake up. When you take control of a dream, you understand that you are sleeping. This is why, to dream you need to be unprotected.” – T. Currentzis

Someone walks alone/cutting the night into fragments of roads
The night is wounded/ bleeding through the cracks of a dream
Wounds scatter/ the breath of animals asleep/ the perfume of lilies
Eyes close and open/ night remains night

La Ruta is the second short performance directed by Gabriela Carrizo for and created with the dancers of Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT 1), after The missing door in 2013. La Ruta premiered on 6 May 2022 at Amare Den Haag, as part of NDT’s evening programme Dreams 360. 

Tour Dates

May 2022
06Den HaagAmare
07Den HaagAmare
08Den HaagAmare
18TilburgSchouwburg Tilburg
21MaastrichtTheater aan het Vrijthof
27Den HaagAmare
28Den HaagAmare
29Den HaagAmare
June 2022
07RotterdamNieuwe Luxor Theater
08RotterdamNieuwe Luxor Theater
October 2022
15LódzLódz Ballet Festival
16LódzLódz Ballet Festival
21MartiguesLes Salins - Scène Nationale de Martigues
22MartiguesLes Salins - Scène Nationale de Martigues
April 2023
07BelgradeBelgrade Dance Festival
08BelgradeBelgrade Dance Festival
19LondonSadler's Wells
20LondonSadler's Wells
21LondonSadler's Wells
22LondonSadler's Wells
February 2024
08Den HaagAmare
09Den HaagAmare
10Den HaagAmare
14AmsterdamInternationaal Theater Amsterdam
15AmsterdamInternationaal Theater Amsterdam
16AmsterdamInternationaal Theater Amsterdam
21MaastrichtTheater aan het Vrijthof
24Den BoschTheater aan de Parade
27Den HaagAmare
28Den HaagAmare
29Den HaagAmare
March 2024
05TilburgSchouwburg Tilburg
07RotterdamNieuwe Luxor Theater
08RotterdamNieuwe Luxor Theater
09RotterdamNieuwe Luxor Theater
July 2024
05KanagawaKanagawa Kenmin Hall
06KanagawaKanagawa Kenmin Hall
12AichiAichi Prefectural Art Theater
13AichiAichi Prefectural Art Theater

Concept and direction
Gabriela Carrizo

Created and performed by
Chloé Albaret, Alexander Andison, Thalia Crymble, César Faria Fernandes, Scott Fowler, Surimu Fukushi, Boston Gallacher, Charlie Skuy, Yukino Takaura

Artistic assistance
Louis-Clément da Costa

NDT assistant
Francesca Caroti

Sound Dramaturgy
Raphaëlle Latini

New composition by Raphaëlle Latini

Light design
Tom Visser

Set design
Amber Vandenhoeck

Gabriela Carrizo, Yolanda Klompstra, Isabel Blokland

Nederlands Dans Theater


"La Ruta truly was the stuff of which dreams are made – nightmares more like. […] Loved it."
Arts Talk Magazine  07/05/2022
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