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The hidden floor 2017 / Collaboration

The hidden floor is a creation by Franck Chartier with the dancers of NDTI. With this short piece, they are completing the triptych that started with The missing door (Gabriela Carrizo, 2013) followed by The lost room (Franck Chartier, 2015).

The piece addresses some of the themes that were already present in the previous two productions: the memory, the disruption of time. The characters find themselves in a public space, maybe a restaurant, taken over by nature. They are experiencing their final moments as the water slowly starts to rise. Holding on to their last hope, they try to survive and find a way out, not only physically but also mentally.

The hidden floor premiered on October 5th, 2017 in the Zuiderstrandtheater in The Hague (NL) as part of the triple bill programme entitled Side B: Adrift, which also included The missing door and The lost room.

Tour Dates

October 2017
05Den HaagZuiderstrandtheater
07Den HaagZuiderstrandtheater
10ZwolleTheater De Spiegel
18AmsterdamInternationaal Theater Amsterdam
19AmsterdamInternationaal Theater Amsterdam
December 2017
09HeerlenParkstad Limburg Theaters
19Den HaagZuiderstrandtheater
20Den HaagZuiderstrandtheater
21Den HaagZuiderstrandtheater

Concept and direction
Franck Chartier

In co-creation with the dancers
Lydia Bustinduy, Spencer Dickhaus, Jef Stevens, Roger Van der Poel, Rena Narumi, Cesar Faria Fernandes, Chloe Albaret, Meng-Ke Wu, Marne van Opstal

Assistant to the director
Louis-Clément da Costa, Ander Zabala

Sound Dramaturgy
Raphaëlle Latini

Sound design & arrangements
Raphaëlle Latini, Annalena Fröhlich, Louis-Clément da Costa

Light design
Tom Visser

Set design
Justine Bougerol

Franck Chartier, Louis-Clément da Costa

Choreologue Benesh
Charlotte Siepiora

Nederlands Dans Theater


"The power of each piece of the trilogy lies in the permanent unpredictability of events. […] The moments of surprise arise primarily from dance - from a seductive as well as compelling movement language that describes an overwhelmingly heightened atmosphere of psychic primal fears.”
Tanz  28/11/2017
"The famous ingredients of the two founders of the successful Belgian collective Peeping Tom are again present: dance, acrobatics, illusionism, cinematic suspense. And mad humour. […] The theatrical qualities of the nine excellent dancers are fully used."
NRC Handelsblad  18/10/2017
"The typical mix of magic, effects, slapstick and contortion is bombastic; the suspense is perfect. The entire piece is still worthy of the comparison with the surrealistic TV series Twin Peaks." **** (4 stars)
De Volkskrant  11/10/2017
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Awards and nominations

2018 Nominated for a ‘Swan most impressive dance production’. The lost room had already won this award in 2016. The Netherlands’ most prestigious dance award, the Zwanen (Swans), are awarded each year in October during the Festival of the Dutch Dance in Maastricht.