< S 62° 58’, W 60° 39’


If you thought Peeping Tom would deliver non-stop dance moves, then you'll be surprised at the extremely good acting, comic timing, and the ability to carry off a fast-paced script that forces the actors to reveal their true selves.
Luxembourg Times, Sarita Rao
The soundscape and scenography are hyper-realistic and overwhelmingly beautiful.
Vista Teatral, Esther Toyos
For Peeping Tom’s S 62° 58’ W 60° 39’, Justine Bougerol has created an incredible piece of ice floe, with a boat as prisoner of the ice.
Le Soir, Jean-Marie Wynants
Franck Chartier (direction) and Justine Bougerol (scenography) imagine a collective sentence of over six hundred days of glacial captivity, compounded by the ordeal of living together, infinitely longer and more dramatic than expected at the moment the anchor is lifted.
Transfuge, Thomas Hahn
As usual, Peeping Tom builds spectacular, striking sets, capable of assuming the illusion of simulacra in an augmented representation of a reality that seduces while accentuating the feeling of imminent doom.
Persinsala, Fabrizio Migliorati
The play, which is a reflection on creation, operates in mises en abyme, like a tragic comedy, right up to a powerful final sequence.
Radio Pluriel, Laurent Hervé