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The missing door 2013 / Collaboration

In The missing door, Gabriela Carrizo shows two parallel dimensions by intertwining fantasy and reality. We are witnessing the last minutes of life, which take place in the twilight zone between life and death. The dying man anxiously tries to find a way through the intricate maze of his thoughts. While soundscapes of everyday sounds turn into lost rhythms, the man performs a lonely battle with time, space and those who are absent.

The missing door (2013) was the first collaboration between Gabriela Carrizo and the dancers of NDTI. It premiered on December 6th, 2013 in Koninklijk Theater Carré in Amsterdam (NL). The piece was followed in 2015 by The lost room (Franck Chartier) and in 2017 by The hidden floor (Franck Chartier).

Tour Dates

December 2013
06AmsterdamKoninklijk Theater Carré
07AmsterdamKoninklijk Theater Carré
13Den HaagLucent Danstheater
14Den HaagLucent Danstheater
15Den HaagLucent Danstheater
19Den HaagLucent Danstheater
20Den HaagLucent Danstheater
21Den HaagLucent Danstheater
October 2015
01Den HaagZuiderstrandtheater
02Den HaagZuiderstrandtheater
03Den HaagZuiderstrandtheater
07BredaChassé Theater Breda
15Den HaagZuiderstrandtheater
16Den HaagZuiderstrandtheater
17Den HaagZuiderstrandtheater
November 2015
13AmsterdamInternationaal Theater Amsterdam
14AmsterdamInternationaal Theater Amsterdam
15AmsterdamInternationaal Theater Amsterdam
19TilburgTheaters Tilburg
21MaastrichtTheater aan het Vrijthof
24VenloTheater De Maaspoort
26RotterdamRotterdamse Schouwburg
March 2016
16Reggio EmiliaTeatro Romolo Valli Municipal
19BelgradeBelgrade Dance Festival
August 2017
21EdinburghEdinburgh International Festival
22EdinburghEdinburgh International Festival
23EdinburghEdinburgh International Festival
October 2017
05Den HaagZuiderstrandtheater
07Den HaagZuiderstrandtheater
10ZwolleTheater De Spiegel
12LeeuwardenDe Harmonie
18AmsterdamInternationaal Theater Amsterdam
19AmsterdamInternationaal Theater Amsterdam
November 2017
28BerlinBerliner Festspiele
29BerlinBerliner Festspiele
30BerlinBerliner Festspiele
December 2017
01BerlinBerliner Festspiele
02BerlinBerliner Festspiele
09HeerlenParkstad Limburg Theaters
19Den HaagZuiderstrandtheater
20Den HaagZuiderstrandtheater
21Den HaagZuiderstrandtheater
November 2019
30Den HaagZuiderstrandtheater
December 2019
01Den HaagZuiderstrandtheater
05AmsterdamInternationaal Theater Amsterdam
06AmsterdamInternationaal Theater Amsterdam
07AmsterdamInternationaal Theater Amsterdam
08AmsterdamInternationaal Theater Amsterdam
11TilburgTheaters Tilburg
18HeerlenParkstad Limburg Theaters
20Den HaagZuiderstrandtheater
21Den HaagZuiderstrandtheater
29Den HaagZuiderstrandtheater

Concept and direction
Gabriela Carrizo

Creation and performance
Lydia Bustinduy, César Faria Fernandes, Fernando Hernando Magadan / Spencer Dickhaus, Marne van Opstal, Roger van der Poel, Meng-ke Wu, Ema Yuasa / Rena Narumi

Artistic assistance
Seoljin Kim, Anders Hellström

Sound Dramaturgy
Raphaëlle Latini

Sound design & arrangements
Raphaëlle Latini

Light design
Tom Visser

Set design
Gabriela Carrizo

Costume design
Gabriela Carrizo

Nederlands Dans Theater


"Gabriela Carrizo packs the thriller as a comedy, underlining the slapstick with black humor. One wished Berlin had more such highlights."
Süddeutsche Zeitung  01/12/2017
"Very strange and yet so human. Between black series and a therapy session."
Res Musica  01/12/2017
"Wonderful how Gabriela Carrizo combines black humor with an exuberant scenic fantasy."
Der Tagesspiegel  29/11/2017
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Awards and nominations

2017 Herald Angel at the 70th Edinburgh International Festival (along with Stop-Motion and Shoot the Moon by Paul Lightfoot and Sol León). The Herald Angels recognise excellence in Edinburgh’s festivals.