Dag van de Dans at the Peeping Tom Studio

On Saturday 23 April 2022 dance (theatre) companies Peeping Tom, not standing and Faso Danse Théâtre join forces and open the doors of their home in Molenbeek. After two years of pandemic, we’re happy to finally welcome you for a day full of workshops, open rehearsals and films, including the documentary Third Act. From 16.30h onwards, we’ll celebrate the official opening in the presence of State Secretary Pascal Smet and Minister Sven Gatz, with showings by the three companies, followed by a reception.

Gabrielle Petitstraat 4/9, 1080 Molenbeek



  • 11h00-12h00: Workshop Faso Danse Théâtre (Free, please register)
  • 12h30-15h: Open rehearsal Peeping Tom
  • 15h30-16h30: Workshop not standing (Free, all levels, not necessary to register before)
  • 16h30-17h45: Official opening of the studio in the presence of state secretary Pascal Smet and minister Gatz and showings by Peeping Tom, not standing and Faso Danse Théâtre
  • 17h45-19h: Reception



  • 11h-11h30: Snake Arms and Screws & Stones
  • 11h30-12h40: documentary Third Act
  • 12h40-13h10: Fragments from the work of Faso Danse Theatre
  • 13h10-13h40: Snake Arms and Screws & Stones
  • 13h40-14h50: documentary Third Act
  • 15h-15h30: Fragments from the work of Faso Danse Theatre
  • 15h30-16h00: Snake Arms and Screws & Stones



In Triptych: The missing door, The lost room and The hidden floor, several characters are evolving in spaces from which they cannot escape. They set out to seek an ideal, they left with a dream and with hope. Now, they keep wandering throughout a mysterious and macabre labyrinth in which they are lost. The characters live between reality and what’s imagined, guided by natural forces that lead them to an uncertain destiny.

In this open rehearsal you are invited to step into the rehearsals of Triptych and observe the intense movement language of Peeping Tom from up close, while the dancers explore some of the key moments of the performance. The rehearsal is open for all. 



This workshop takes you into the hybrid movement language of not standing. The work consists of influences from dance techniques, martial arts, circus, yoga, anatomy and the animal world. Two constants dominate the artistic work: the search for the creative and kinetic potential of the body and the investigation of the many aspects of the relationship between artist and object.

This introductory workshop will be led by Emmi Väisänen, a member of the not standing ensemble. Based on concrete elements from not standing performances, she will offer an insight into body research and the trajectory that takes place from concept to actual performance, in an accessible way.

Practical information:

  • Max 20 participants (no need to register beforehand)
  • From 14 years old
  • No prior knowledge is necessary 



Faso Danse Théâtre is committed to the development of powerful contemporary dance, anchored in emotion but always full of reflection and hope. For the company, dance is a commitment, an urgency and a necessity. It is the basis of all Serge Aimé Coulibaly’s work. Both in his creations and in the workshops.

In this workshop, the company tries to develop an original creativity with the participants, asking themselves what the power of a meaningful vocabulary is and what their responsibility is as artists. Along the way, they encounter words that are danced rather than spoken, as they linger in the depths of the throat. Words that free themselves and accompany the body in an uprising of hope. An energy of life, of human encounters, and also of trial and error will be part of the quest, always in search of stability.

Together with the participants, the body will be approached politically in the different creations of the company.

Practical information:

  • Max 20 participants
  • As from 15 years old
  • Some notion of dance/movement desired
  • Please register via https://forms.gle/kk9jwwt4bTgkiFkc8