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The Peeping Tom Kitchen - Keys to our creative process | Brussels

17-20 May 2022Peeping Tom Studio

From 17 till 20 May, you’re invited to the first edition of the Peeping Tom Kitchen, in our Studio in Brussels. Registration is now closed.

In this first edition of the Peeping Tom Kitchen, we take you into our creative process, offering you the keys to our way of working. Different Peeping Tom artists will share their knowledge, and offer a programme of creative development, with workshops by Franck Chartier, amongst others, as well as workshops on scenography, movement, voice, theatricality,… Read more about the Peeping Tom Kitchen.


The first edition of the Peeping Tom Kitchen is offered to professional dancers. There is limited availability, and we will select from those inscribed. To register, please use the form on this page, and note that we will ask you also to send us your CV + a video of max 3 minutes.

People who are selected to participate will receive the news 4 May. Participation costs € 375, and includes full access to all workshops, seminars, and other activities, from 17 to 20 May and daily lunch.





Can I also participate as a non-dancer?
We do hope to develop the Peeping Tom Kitchen into a meeting place for people with different backgrounds. For this first edition, however, we are looking for dancers with a professional background.

How and when will the selection for participants be made?
If you are interested in participating in the Peeping Tom Kitchen, you can register on www.peepingtom.be from 21 till 29 April 2022. You will be asked to send us your CV and a video of max. 3 minutes. A selection of participants will be made from this, and successful candidates will be notified on 4 May, and asked to pay the fee within 7 days. If not, the spot will go to a candidate on the waiting list.

Is there a COVID-19 vaccination, or COVID-19 test requirement needed to participate?
We follow the official rules of the Belgian government. At this moment the Covid pass is no longer applicable. We do ask you not to participate if you feel ill.

How much does it cost to participate in the Peeping Tom Kitchen and what does it cover?
The fee to participate in the Peeping Tom Kitchen is € 375. It covers all the workshops and extra activities, and daily lunch on 17, 18, 19, and 20 May. It doesn’t cover accommodation, travel and other food.

Is there a waiting list?
Participating in the Peeping Tom Kitchen will be based on a selection. Some people will be added to a waiting list, and contacted in case of cancellations. Please note, however, once the registration is closed, it is also no longer possible to be added to the waiting list.

If the Peeping Tom Kitchen is cancelled, or if I can no longer attend, can I get a refund?
Received payments for participants will be refunded in case of cancellation of the Peeping Tom Kitchen by Peeping Tom. Peeping Tom cannot refund any invested travel costs. If you can no longer attend due to personal reasons, please write an e-mail to info@peepingtom.be.

Can Peeping Tom help me with accommodation?
Unfortunately, we cannot assist you in finding accommodation for your stay in Brussels.

Can I come see the performances in the evenings, even if I’m not a participant in the Peeping Tom Kitchen?
Yes, you are very welcome to attend the showings, performances and discussions in the evening. The exact programme will be announced beginning of May.

How many people will participate?
There will be around 20 participants for the workshops during the day. The performances in the evening will be opened up to a slightly larger audience.

If you didn’t find an answer to your question, please reach out by emailing to info@peepingtom.be.