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31 rue Vandenbranden 2018 / Collaboration

31 rue Vandenbranden is a creation by Gabriela Carrizo and Franck Chartier with the ballet of the Opéra de Lyon. The production premiered on 11 September 2018 as the opening of the Biennale de la Danse de Lyon. It is an adaptation of Peeping Tom’s original creation 32 rue Vandenbranden.

The original production 32 rue Vandenbranden was inspired by the Japanese film The Ballad of Narayama, in which an old woman is taken to the top of a mountain by her children, to die. In 31 rue Vandenbranden, we return to this snowy mountain top under a wide-open sky. Only two rickety caravans offer protection to the elements of nature. The inhabitants of this isolated community are confronted with their loneliness and subconscious. The space in which they live is filled with hopelessness and melancholy, while at the same time being poetic and beautiful. Gradually, the borders between what happens in reality and what is imagined become blurred.

Tour Dates

September 2018
11LyonBiennale de la Danse
12LyonBiennale de la Danse
13LyonBiennale de la Danse
14LyonBiennale de la Danse
15LyonBiennale de la Danse
June 2019
24MontpellierMontpellier Danse
September 2019
19MoscowFestival Dance Inversion
20MoscowFestival Dance Inversion
June 2021
1021:00LyonOpéra de Lyon
11LyonOpéra de Lyon
1221:00LyonOpéra de Lyon
13LyonOpéra de Lyon
1820:30GrenobleMaison de la Culture
1920:30GrenobleMaison de la Culture
November 2021
26Clermont-FerrandLa Comédie de Clermont-Ferrand
27Clermont-FerrandLa Comédie de Clermont-Ferrand
28Clermont-FerrandLa Comédie de Clermont-Ferrand

Concept and adaptation
Gabriela Carrizo, Franck Chartier

With the dancers of
the Ballet de l’Opéra de Lyon

Eurudike De Beul


Concept & Direction
Gabriela Carrizo, Franck Chartier

Dance & creation
Jos Baker, Eurudike De Beul, Marie Gyselbrecht, Hun-Mok Jung, Maria Carolina Vieira (before: Sabine Molenaar), Seoljin Kim

Hildegard De Vuyst en Nico Leunen

Sound composition
Juan Carlos Tolosa, Glenn Vervliet

Set design
Peeping Tom, Nele Dirckx, Yves Leirs, Frederik Liekens

Lighting design
Filip Timmerman, Yves Leirs

Diane Fourdrignier, HyoJung Jang


"We constantly go from laughter to fear in this tragic but often comic tale, and the troupe shows its force in both registers..."
Télérama  13/09/2018
"A well-deserved opener for the Ballet de l'Opéra de Lyon. [...] Bluffing images, hallucinating music and, above all, dislocated yet wildly beautiful images."
Le Progrès  12/09/2018
"Peeping Tom, cinégénies des planches."
Libération  06/09/2018
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