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Simon Versnel

Simon (°1947, Rotterdam, NL) was trained as a classical singer and joined Peeping Tom in 2001 for Le Jardin, appearing both in the film and the play. He has since also performed in Le Salon, A Louer, Vader and Moeder.

Simon started his career as a singer (he sang, amongst others, Schubert’s Winterreise) and he had his first professional role in Maarten van der Put and Pauline Roelants’s play (Untitled) Cowboys.There he was seen by Jan Lauwers and Grace Ellen Barkey of Needcompany, who invited him to create Don Quichote with them. During their eight year-long collaboration, they created, amongst others, Macbeth and Morning Song (Lauwers) and Tres and Few Things (Barkey). He then joined the group of American director Chris Kondek and toured internationally with his play Dead Cat Bounce. With the Antwerp-based theatre company Transparant he made Porselein. In 2013, Simon wrote, directed and produced Verbaas me!, a monologue about the life of Sergei Diaghilev which he still performs himself.

With the French filmmaker Vincent Dieutre, Simon has also created two films: Viaggio nella dopo-storia(2015) and Trilogie de nos vies defaites (2016). In 2018, he published his first novel, Ciao David, een vertelling over hartstocht en geluk.