Vote now for the FEDORA Prize for Ballet 2021  2 February 2021
Our youngest project, La Visita (working title) is a location-based project directed by Gabriela Carrizo and conceived for the Collezione Maramotti in Reggio Emilia, in collaboration with Fondazione i Teatri. The project has now been shortlisted for the FEDORA Prize for Ballet 2021! You can support the project by voting now on the FEDORA website. 
Celebrate 20 years Peeping Tom with us!   18 December 2020
Twenty years ago, a few young performers created a performance that was set in a motorhome - and Peeping Tom was born. Throughout this birthday year, we take you inside our rehearsal studio, behind the scenes and on tour. Together we celebrate our twentieth birthday. Dive into our history! 
Discover the official trailer of TRIPTYCH  19 October 2020
We’re excited to launch the official trailer of TRIPTYCH: The missing door, The lost room and The hidden floor. Performed in three different spaces that evoke film sets, Triptych tells the story of several characters who set out to seek an ideal, who left with a dream and with hope. Now, they keep wandering throughout a mysterious and macabre labyrinth on a ship in which they are lost. Get a taste of our youngest production, which premiered in July 2020 in Barcelona and is now on tour in Europe. Read more about Triptych
Become our neighbour!  6 April 2020
As our very own studio is growing and taking shape, we’re looking for a partner who wants to join us in this adventure and rent out office space. So if you’re a small company, creative organisation or solo entrepreneur, this is your chance! You’ll get a freshly renovated office, convenient location in Brussels, a beautiful kitchen with great coffee and wonderful neighbours! In addition, you'll get a preferred rate to rent the rehearsal studio. We currently offer one large unfurnished office (€850/month). To find out more and discuss the possibilities, send a mail to
Peeping Tom Productions
Diptych: The missing door and The lost room 2020
Triptych: The missing door, The lost room and The hidden floor 2020
Kind 2019
Moeder 2016
Vader 2014
A Louer 2011
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