Evening talks in our Kitchen  15 November 2023
In the light of our Kitchen, Peeping Tom offers an evening program open to the public. We welcome you in our studio and invite Foley artist Elias Vervecken and Hans Op de Beeck. 20/11 we will have a talk by Gabriela Carrizo on Peeping Tom's work. 21/11 Elias Vervecken wil get us acquainted with the world of Foley. 22/11 we will have our final lecture by Hans Op de Beeck centering his extensive visual art practice.
New Creation S 62° 58’, W 60° 39’ premieres in September  16 March 2023
Our newest creation S 62° 58’, W 60° 39’ will premiere on 20 September at the Biennale de la Danse in Lyon. Directed by Franck Chartier, the production is set in a dangerous, arctic desert and explores themes such as manipulation, intergenerational ghosts and artistry. Read more about S 62° 58’, W 60° 39’ and discover the tour dates.

Upcoming Tour Dates

Rome IT

23 January 2024S 62° 58’, W 60° 39’Teatro di Roma
24 January 2024S 62° 58’, W 60° 39’Teatro di Roma
25 January 2024S 62° 58’, W 60° 39’Teatro di Roma

Den Haag NL

8 February 2024La RutaAmare
9 February 2024La RutaAmare


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"Peeping Tom has developed a unique formal vocabulary. [...] They push absurd and cruel humor to surrealism, exposing our worst nightmares and unfulfilled desires."
Lëtzebuerger Land  26/04/2019
Peeping Tom Productions
S 62° 58’, W 60° 39’ 2023
La Visita 2022
Diptych: The missing door and The lost room 2020
Triptych: The missing door, The lost room and The hidden floor 2020
Kind 2019
Moeder 2016
Vader 2014
A Louer 2011
32 rue Vandenbranden 2009
Le Sous Sol 2007
Le Salon 2004
Le Jardin 2002